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Download MOTI Sports

  1. Download on iTunes or Google to download the free app (or search for Moti Sports in the app store)
  2. Touch "I am new to MOTI Mobile"
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Use promotional code mysa2020
  5. Scroll down and use the 3D Foot skills to refine your player techniques. 

Practice safe social distancing, staying safe and having fun!

MOTI Sports & MYSA

MYSA partnered with MOTI Sports to offer our Foundation Soccer Skills package for FREE!

Foundation Foot Skills Trainings
3D trainings allow players to view the video from any angle using just their fingertips. Get some quality touches on the ball, time yourselves, and see how many repetitions you can do in a set time while you are home or in the backyard! 

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